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The M.A.P. Test can impact on your life. The best word to describe it is "potential". Because we believe that the better a person understands himself or those she teaches, the greater the opportunity for success in school and in life!

The M.A.P. Test is designed to tell you a lot about yourself or your students. In January of 2001, Dr. Rick Fowler of Prestonwood Counseling Centers and Mike Grayson of FTI Global agreed to combine forces to make this test available worldwide.

In "Right-Brained Children in a Left-Brained World", the authors tell us,

"What [right-brained learners] need isn't a prescription for pills but a prescription for a different teaching method."

If the necessity for matching teaching methods to the learning style is this important, shouldn't every teacher and every parent know what the learning style of every child is from the outset?

The Modality Assessment Profile (M.A.P.© ) was copyrighted in January 2001 by Dr. Rick Fowler to quickly identify learning styles, ADD tendencies and personality factors that effect learning, self-confidence, and interpersonal relationship in children and adults. Dr. Rick Fowler, who is licensed as a professional counselor, marriage & family therapist, and sports counselor, is the creator of the M.A.P. He is the Executive Director for Prestonwood Counseling Centers headquartered in Dallas, Texas. In addition, Dr. Fowler has served as a consultant and management trainer for a wide variety of professional sport teams and business organizations and has spent eighteen years at two universities as a professor of psychology, athletic director, and head basketball coach. As the author of nine books, Dr. Fowler has been a frequent speaker at seminars and conferences across America and overseas. He has been featured on Dr. Dobson's FOCUS ON THE FAMILY broadcast four times.

Mike Grayson is the President of FTI Global. The M.A.P. Test sits on top of an "Expert" based engine first developed by FTI Global for Department of Defense contractors and copyrighted in 1998. FTI Global is a nationally recognized and award winning company. Mike has been a pioneer in the development of various technologies and has developed systems for the CIA, NSA, U.S. Army and Fortune 500 companies.